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As the years have past, I’ve seen it all. The last year has been one hell of a year. The vacations, experiences, parties, the nights sleeping in and the days with no sleep. Everything has just been, what I’ve wanted it to be. My family who continues to support what we do, and still question our life decisions. A girlfriend who will make sure I’m going to school, and enjoying my job. A small group of friends who are always down to hangout even if it means we have to wake up at 5am for our jobs.

Im enjoying 2014, and slowly waiting for the new year. With bigger and better plans I’m excited to see what in store. 5 months, will go by like 5 days.




I’ve never felt this way, seriously. I don’t know how to explain it, and I don’t know what to even really say.

My girlfriend, my bestfriend, and my love. She brings in the energy I need and she doesn’t stop. Her efforts for everything are, well..fucking awesome.

She’s the light of my life, and I never want this feeling to go away. We’ve done so much over the year I can’t help but plan things for the future. Because I just want more.

You give me the constant butterflies (nohomo) I do stupid things like call you at work to tell you I love you. I’ll do stupid voicemails, I complain when you don’t pick up. Idk what to say on this blog and I don’t even know where it’s going.

I love my gf..



there there


there there


Beyonce & Jay Z arriving to the BET Awards.



i have no friends so i had to do this by myself

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